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Wayne F. Yakes, MD

A pioneer in the treatment and cure of vascular malformations. Dr. Yakes has developed innovative management strategies with a goal of permanent ablation of complex malformations tailored to each individual patient’s specific vascular malformation type, anatomical location, and presenting symptoms.

About Us

The Yakes Vascular Malformation Center is an international practice of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of vascular malformations in all anatomical locations. Vascular malformations are rare congenital and acquired vascular lesions that are extremely challenging to diagnose and treat effectively.  There are many forms of malformations, venous (VM), arteriovenous (AVM), lymphatic (LM), and capillary (CM) malformations. While most patients are diagnosed with one form of malformation in an area, some patients can have several forms and areas of malformation. 

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